(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Our Walk Along The Beach

The sun is setting and darkness is on the verge to come
We walk along the beach, talking and
playing while the sand is still warm
We hold hands and tell stories
I pause look in to these tiny persons eyes
and say sorry.
Wanting them to trust me
I hold nothing back
I had been incarcerated for a long time
but that was that.
Now I just want to teach you things, like
how to ride a bike, push you on a swing and
how you should never give up
you should always fight
Life has been hard on me
you don't know the half
this is one of the reasons why I just want to be the best dad
Time has past on our walk along the beach
I see its getting dark
I see stars
and the lights from the streets
Not wanting to be distracted I turn to them and stare
I tell them how for so long I've been waiting for this
dream like chance to tell them how much I care
With tears in my eyes I kneel down
They hug me and wipe the tears from my cheeks
and say really loud
Daddy we love you and you're here now just don't leave us ever again
When we were younger and you were away
we always knew you cared
Well for the rest of our walk
We watched the waves crash in to the rocks
we giggled, played and laughed
we headed back home and reflected in silence
on this day that has past.

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Comments (4)

witty and extremely enjoyable, as all your poems are
very passionate.very nice.thank you.
And humor at the end. Me thinks you have a theme running throgh your poems. Me thinks it could barely possibly be sex. Hmmmm. You are the best on the subject that there is.
Herbert after reading this i will have to have a cold shower, you will have to ask yourself was it worth, the loss of blood, you love the long poems almost like a short story, but they keep me interested, i like the title Warm regards allan