DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)

Black Hole

Sucking me in
Drawing me inside
Filling the sin
Don't know where to hide....

So deep inside of me
My control has been let free
Its force is unimaginable
So supernatural

this black hole has brought me to a new reality
This black hole has changed my formality
It tells me i must reform
That I should just learn how to perform

This Black Hole
Black Hole
Has taken control
This Black Hole
Black Hole
Hard to let go

Fighting the change in this life is hard to do
Fighting the power to strive through
The urges now and again
will fall upon our hands

No change is at need
Use your head
Give it a good feed
While in bed
or even asleep.

But that Black Hole....
So strong
So great
So wrong
Much fate

Fight it
Fight it

YEA! ! ! ! ! ! !

by Dan Uher

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