Black Hole Sun

In my eyes
All I have been seeing
Is a disguise which only few can see
As it hides the face
Where it lies and fakes
The true depth of the sun
It's what brings the life
Though not many have witnessed it
It is nothing but lifes outlet
Neath that sun
The sky would look dead
As it calls those who are ready
Some came but weren't heard
Through all this laught we live in today
For all will come
Simply gazing of the life which lies before
Cold and damp
Seeking the life
As the warm wind lets it grow
Tired friend our times have gone
Its time for the new honest man
After he wakes from his walking sleep
I pray he finds
What we have found
And he helps let Heaven send Hell away
Till we dropp our heads
And dissapear...


by Patrick Stefens

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