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Black Hole Take Me

You appear,
I look,
You see,
I’m drawn,
I speak,
You laugh,
I ask,
You can't,
I’m falling, falling, falling…
Falling evermore.

Laughter bouncing round my skull
Can't get it out, can't get it out,
Jackhammers pounding on my mind
Can't block it out, can't block it out,
Thoughts decay, run away
Please stop now, please stop now,
Into the forest of my discontent.

Twisted vines and stunted growth,
Curling slowly round my feet,
Pushing through crowded veins
To squeeze and slow my beating heart.
Trees reach up to grasp the sun,
Slippery fingers smother in the night,
Birdsong echoes mocking laughter,
Ringing in the greasy twilight,
As I’m falling, falling, falling…
Falling evermore.

Past the point of redemption,
I’m falling evermore,
Devils dance and jeer and laugh,
I’m falling evermore,
Grace has fled from past temptations,
I’m falling evermore,
Fire rising to swallow me whole,
I’m falling, falling, falling, falling, falling…

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