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Black Hole
Pete Crowther ( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

Black Hole

A black hole is hungry,
it swallows light,
even the odd galaxy
like a hoover,
but get this—
they say it blows out
(at the other end, I guess)
new universes
like frogspawn
or bubbles, just think:
a froth of universes,
each as big as ours
but all different.
Man, it’s mind blowing!

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Comments (6)

I love this! ! ! ! ! ! So glad I picked it, don't know what drew me to the title but this is great poem, truly I love it! Moyaxx
You take new angles, explain the most complicated phenomena with vivid images and that's wonderful! Warmly, Julia
An artistic combination of images, from the mundane (hoover) to the sublime (froth) . Very vivid. Light pervades your poems Peter, even when it is threatened by the big voracious mouth of a black hole.
i m interested in astronomy and black holes r really mysterious.i had never read any poem like this one, related to modern astronomy.very good effort.it was really novel!
A poem with a message When my son was a little boy (he is 17 now) he used to ask me about the black hole...what could I say? Ajn interesting and different poem..Imagine that out of total darkness can come light and life...A very beautiful poem...with love Pia
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