CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Black Ink On White Paper

Do you believe we wrote this life together.
A little dip of my skin and the body of your land.
Our history proceed it's self as being seperated.
But we just live with different minds.
Though racism is stronger than ever.
I will live for your life, if you live for mine.
Thier no color without a heart to change.
Let me explain, let me hold your hand know imagine my title.
If we only become those of the bible.
A blueprint for peace and love.
I hold only the truth thru this pen.
Hoping it reach those heart.
That want let this hatred end.
I live for these words common to my soul of faith.
Do you see how we compliment eachother, so remarkble.
Bound by this which we create.
It dry like tears and thru out these years it will fade.
But never diappear.
So why we live amongst eachother seperated by color.
Serving the same savior.
So don't shred this life when we both are this life.
Black ink on white paper

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Great message! It somehow brings to mind the song 'Ebony and Ivory' by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Love and peace to all, we are all brothers and sisters on this earth.
I loved this piece it represents everything I think. It doesn't matter what you believe in (faith-wise) just believe a 100% it'll all come right in the end. Regards. Craig.10