Black Kennedy

President or not you are
The black man of the reality
The accomplishment of dreams
Black African you are
The racism is going to be empty
It’s all about their creams.

For you courage and pride I’m glad
As Martin Luther King Jr would be glad;
Lincoln and Kennedy will no longer be sad,
Langston Hugues and Jessy Jackson glad;
Richard Wright would say: Go a head!

The problem is not being black
And you have to tell them Barrack.
Try to help the nose of Africa;
Stop the increasing misconduct in America.
You have another motherland
But your picture is from my land.

You represent all black leaders;
You know the story of all those leaders.
Remember Booker T. Washington, the textual ring
And take care of you, dear king.
President or not you are
Black African you are.

Obama, the living part of history
Take care of you
They will probably plan to kill you
As they killed Kennedy
And send the world to sing your particularity
But you are an African divinity
Take care of you,
Please, take care of you!

by St Antoine de la Vuadi

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