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Black Knight Of Eternal Darkness
MM ( / Medina, Ohio, USA)

Black Knight Of Eternal Darkness

The black knight of eternal darkness was seen riding
near my soul tonight.
Like the Russian Valqueries, he came riding down
Hard upon me on his splendid black stallion.
He, with the wild look in his haunting eyes,
just beckoned to my very soul.
Then he stopped by me and I could see the fiery vapor
stream from his stallion's nostrils.
And the whole night was lit as he stared at me
with his eyes made of red hot coals.
In a voice caught by a thousand winds he called to me.
And, like in a trance, I followed, eager to ride with him.
Off into the night we rode, flying on the night winds.
And it was cold to touch his black velvet garb.
Then we went down to deepest darkness,
And I became scared.
I heard his evil laugh echo like in a hundred endless canyons.
The roar of the wind filled my ears, the echo of his laugh
haunting my very soul.
And then I awoke in my own bed, alone,
Only to find a small piece of silken black horse's mane
grasped in my hand.
And I know now I'm not ready to die yet,
And take that ride to eternal darkness
with its haunted black knight.
The forthcoming day was welcomed by my soul
as the light of dawn soaked the rain-greyed skies.
And I'm glad again to be alive.

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