Black Light

I didn’t turn it on neither I turned it off
It only grew stronger almost blinding my days off
I can see everything clear.
Everything I said engraved in dark
Leaving a permanent scar

Oh black light show me the way
Never leave me or fade away
Be my friend in the rain
When the sky is choking blue
When my flowers have decided to bruise
When my memory has decided to loose.

You gave me coldness
On the day warmth was burning my desires hot.
You never showed me my reflection
Shadow missing that’s perfection
I stopped worrying about being tied and torn.

Truth or Lie it doesn’t matter
They all make the same sound in the chatter
Pieces of reason are floating like dust
Black light doesn’t give the pain of seeing through the rest
It engulfs me and everyone alike
Like the smoke that dissolves pride.


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