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Black Love
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Black Love

I've learned to
control emotions
to forget to feel
any emotion
at all
so I won't go
ties me
to this situation
Imprisioned within
does not allow me to
let down barriers
so you have me
all to yourself now

Copyright ©2005

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Comments (5)

ADRIENNE, like the poem, i can see every word, nice job.
I hope, for your sake, this wasn't from personal experience. If it was I hope it isn't now. I feel all the emotions in this work. Don S
This is a powerful description. Chilling and very close to home. Also very brave to speak out.
I can sympathise with this poem. I know from where this comes.
wow... wow.This is another prime example of the Poet Adrienne Barnathan, and her Talent.I am proud to know her, and may her Well of Talents never know drought.