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Black Mail
MMI (March 25,1992 / )

Black Mail

I stake you smiled whilst you glanced by the side of that note
It was thus burly as to it, hard by means, read what I wrote
You, in the vein of hatred, liked what was in it, so demote
Appreciation on behalf of going in front of me to show me the boat
A journey to what gives the impression to be as a result of bad smoke
You mull over, the goal of need to set me aside in wish of making me a colt
Multitude ogles at me, for you to attain what you believe; I am branded a dolt
In the midst of an impulsive stiff protest I fell except I got back up and I jolt
The hate of the hiding the horrible during the mist, you pushing me in a moat
What were marked couldn’t be true, parents who can only cherish and dote
Why were it to be done, you should have thought it was something you rote
You in actuality yearn for me in the direction of end, to expire, and for me to float
To suppose that what I consider is my friend but that he is not

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