Black Men, White Men

should i be led to believe
that the white men's heart
is soft as cotton? and when
touched, is torched, bursts into flame
to settle comfortably in black,
a trail of humble lesson for the soul

should i be led to believe
that a black man's heart is
full of courage? charging like a bull
through America black or white
settling for nothing in between?

should i be led to believe that
black and white work the
theory of ying and yang
ever balancing to rev up the world?
rice would even grow in bush
black hair turns eventually into
a crown of white wisdom
and blackboards light up
knowledge in white chalk
white shines at its best in black
and where else but a piece of white
where black could make its clearest stamp
of its stand - left or right, right or wrong

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (1)

John, a very profound, interesting write! Yes, black and white compliment each other quite nicely, ... at least on paper. But, if given the chance, in life also! Brian