Black Midnight Colored And Spooky Mare!

No horse can compare, with the speed and agility, that made you be aware.
When you put the saddle on her back, you had better be intact.
Because she was gone, down the race track.
Even though you had a hold, of the saddle horn.
You always hoped, she wouldn't do you wrong! After all we were running down the fence line
and jumped the ditch, with a stride that couldn't miss!
As she ran the air was severe and water ran out of the corner of my eyes.
For I was in for the ride of my life!
Boy, was I ever caught by surprise. Because her hooves were tearing up the ground, as she dodged to and front-ward,
I tried to hang on tight and wouldn't let go, for it was a rocky road!
I want you to know, it was the fastest horse, I have ever rode!
So I kept a tight reign and shouted "whoa."
Like a bat out of hell, we flew down the trail!
I was sure glad, she never fell!

by Marvin Gene Richens

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