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Black N White (Cloak N Dagger Poem)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Black N White (Cloak N Dagger Poem)

I've always been a man who treasures black and white.
One either is still breating or one must be dead,
all cats are gray due to the colour of the darkest night
so black and white is king and that is what I said.

Be flexible said he whose bow was made of pine,
there came a point when nothing could extend it more,
the splinter took his eye, he fell into the vat of wine
his ship was lost at sea and never did return to shore.

A friend named Malcolm Williams, Nigger though to me
was quite ashamed of being black, me being white,
went through Chicago after curfew, it was hard to see
I figured it could be an asset to be dark without the light.

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keeps my me ticking.....these kind of poems..........well penned sir
Luv ur poems man, U inspire me to go forth and write