BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)

Black Night

The chariots of golden sun are on the way home,
The horses of black night speeding fast,
Black night- deeper than any sea
Seems to be getting her hold over this world
Her veil spreads all across to cover everything
The world which was covered in mystical golden hue
Now lies under thick, unpenetrable forces of dark,
Night, like a mother embraces all what comes
The crimes, secrets and problems
The kohl of sleep makes us forget our tensions and pain
And prepares us for a new tommorrow
A day which overflows with happiness and joy
This day once again comes to an end
Enters night dressed for the occassion
Like a beautiful woman, it glitters and shimmers
To allure thousand hearts and capture each mind...

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Comments (2)

good work, Bindu...nice imageries added with good similes...10
A good job You did with this poem