(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Black Or White

Colours! !
Watch around you and see the beauty of creation,
With the romance of nature and the fragrance of life.
Black or White!
Like black coats or white coats,
Like black shoes or white shoes,
Watch around you! !
With the muse of the people,
With the muse of your culture,
Walkingalong to the beauty of creation.
Black or White,
Minds and voices,
Choices here and there,
On earth;
With all the colours around us.
Black Holes beyond mankind!
Still learning about the Universe;
Snow! !
White as wool;
Love and life,
Plants and animals,
Males and females,
With the beauty of creation.
We are still learning,
Living on earth as Human Beings;
With all the colours around us,
With the muse of the rainbow as the key;
In Unity,
As seen up high in the sky.
Unity is the key,
Able to unite all of us,
Without hatred and war.
Coming out of one source;
Out of Adam and Eve.


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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Comments (2)

Unity! Colours! ! With the muse of life! ! ! We are all one. Thanks for your comment on my poem. Stay blessed always.
A wonderful and powerful write with a strong message of peace and unity. I subscribe to the wisdom of this piece that we came only from one source, hence we are one. Despite the differences in color, culture and physical attributes we shall treat all as our brothers and sisters. A unifying piece worthy of...10