Black Pearl

You are a black pearl. Soft hair curls
Are falling down your glowing skin.
Like in front of a computer monitor
I need a protective screen

Or my eyes will burn fast
And there will be no other chance
To have another glance
At such a cutie.

Your striking beauty knocks me down on my knees.
I`ll never forget our first kiss.
Your gentle touch will not leave a single scratch
Even on the softest surface.

The smell of your perfume is rushing through my nostrils.
It feels like in my head there are thousands of fresh roses.
It makes me feel dizzy.
The warmth of your body makes me wanna act crazy.

I am loosing control.
But like a drunk driver I`ve hit a telephone pole.
I can`t move my arms and my legs are heavy.
What am I gonna do now, maybe you tell me?

by Vladi Vostok

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Loosing control in love... Lovely poem filled with love