~*~black Queen~*~

I am a beautiful black queen
I deserve the best of things
No one could ever be like me!
This hot chick!
Can’t no little boy handle ‘dis!
This hot chick!
Happens to be me!
Me! That’s right the beautiful black queen
Might be thick, might be unique
Still that’s no reason to hate it!
Be about me!
Get like me!
You’ll never have a chick that’s this thick!
I’m sexy in my ways
Just give me a chance
Give my beautiful brown skin
A chance to be vibrant
I’m a beautiful brown girl
In which, I wish to be respected
Not underrated
So if you ever see a black queen
Just remember

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Comments (4)

gal u got it strait up.......... dnt go gettin big headed now thought will ya! ! ! luv it. xoxo amber
hell yeah sweet ass poem love it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lylyanna
Interesting! Self-confident! Assertive! Boldly driven to capture attention! And yet, seeking a respect undeniably deserved! However, this 'thickness' carried proud and nurtured must be dealt with to have this~*~Black Queen~*~ seen as one who also has self discipline to share more of her skills. LSP
I love, in your face work Gurl, 9 from another Brown Girl Tai