TT (Jan 14,1983 / Vancouver, WA)

Black Roads

I’m not turning the old head as I
Cross these black roads
I’m hoping for the day that time stops
And before the dirt is thrown over the wooden box
Every one drops their single rose

And don’t worry too much dear
You see, like everything before us
Your tears are chained to time
This is no lie. They will dry.

I might have thought these past days
That you were looking for a sign
But I’m telling the truth this time
Your feeling in the dark on faulty senses
Beware sweetheart; you are in a room filled with razors

So throw that rose and vocalize your goodbye
I’ll try to listen but I must be honest
I can’t hear much anymore
With all this dirt packed in the ears

Everyone has a word or two or three
Everyone reads clever lines from small paper.
Everyone sobs
And I know you like to call and smear it all in
But I’m the one who has to live with my failing
And it ties me in knots outside from within

A thousand words written on crumpled napkins
A thousand ways to get those beautiful arms back around my body
And all five senses have been pushing iron
But somehow, they have my heart chained to your speed bag
And it’s just taking one hell of a beating
I would like to think at some point in your life
You could start to think for yourself

Lets take a slice of your time for one moment
This is a rare occasion
Not often does a beaten child walk with his head up
If I could go back, I’d give my dad some more rings and raise my jaw
Because you showed me that there is always more pain to be dealt
And the emotions numb my body

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