Black Rose

Poem By Jennifer Hanson

This rose expresses my heart,
Which you tore apart,
This is my black rose,
And this is the direction I have chose,
I plan to die,
And don't even ask why,
You know what you have done,
Why don't you repeat all this n go have your fun?

GO back to your petty game,
Because we all know that I am whom you aim,
You've used me as a pawn,
But now I am gone,
I no longer live a life,
Which is why I hold this knife,
Pointing to where my heart should be,
But there is nothing that lyes within me,

I'm saying my last good bye,
Screw you and I hope you die! ! ! !

Comments about Black Rose

This is a beautiful poem Jenni, keep going at it! Love Tamara

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