Black Rose

Poem By Daniel Hooks

You look like a black rose
in full bloom.
Your pose and the clothes you wear
Make me stare.
I am entranced hypnotised by your glance
Your raven black hair flowing down your back
Your skin porcelain pale gleaming white
Under in the moons pale light
Your lips a black shade of night
Waiting to be kissed
(please don't resist)
I could list all the ways I love thee
and still not get close
Black rose I love you the most.

Comments about Black Rose

^_^ Very cute i would say... I love touched me and its deep with the love passion you develop please keep this up i enjoyed this one poem and would enjoy the rest
I really enjoy the uniqueness you express, Finding a true passion in something or someone that would normally be passed up by many others. Good show
It is really awesome! ! ! Full of passionate emotions enough to wake the desires up inside a heart which is romantic! ! ! ! Keep it up....
Everything about this poem is stunning...well written piece straight from the heart.. beautifully composed and the delivery of this magical show of emotion is excellent. Bravo! ! ! ! best wishes Jon

Rating Card

4,7 out of 5
7 total ratings

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