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Black Roses
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Black Roses

Poem By Helene Sawyer

Why must my every smile be so fake?
When every tear I cry is always real?
Letting my depressed come slowly over me
Crying makes the smile fade slowly
But changes every emotion I once had
Mascara running down my face
Like a black river of the dying death coming ahead
Bottom of shoes hitting the pavement
Towards the cementary
Black tears fall every night
Every tear
Every night
Slowly kills me everytime
Darken blood fills up like draining me from my reality
Black tear stains my cheeks
Crying cannot stop everything going on
No telling about the scars
Nothing will change the black blood running down my face
Rose petals being tossed to your grave
Black tears again running down my face
Nothing can fix the damage that has been done
Lost you five years ago,
Only small memories make me remember you

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