Black Satin

Poem By Lyrael Myrna

I like the night sky
It tells me stories
My Moon watches over me-
and its smile comforts me

The stars twinkle jeweled Queens and Kings
Of Past and Present
And make me feel alive

Exhilarated, Excited, excruciatingly happy

I know my heart is up there too.
One day I’ll be a Queen
Twinkling Peacefully
Just one day
So I can be with you again

Exhilarated, Excited, excruciatingly happy

For now, I’ll dream magic
hoping that My Moon will find someway
to help me fly away from here…

The night sky is not so empty
It is my blanket of black satin and diamonds.
My dreams, my life my love,
My everything

Comments about Black Satin

This is a very beautiful piece, just like the night sky! Preets

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4,9 out of 5
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