An Original

Poem By Nathaleen Cobb

Dark wings, dark words;
bring back what is lost;
Dark wings, dark words;
fly from the east to the north.

Let your flight be sudden;
let the dawn be sullen;
Dark wings, dark words;
fly to deliver strange thoughts.

Mortal grief abound;
moments of sorrow surround;
only your wings shall be on course;
even defying cosmic hailstorms.

Black as the night;
swift as the dart;
wings of justice;
sometimes breaks our promise.

Dark wings, dark words;
an ancient's message to the dust;
Convey messages through the realm;
blurt the sky with your whim.

Scavengers fill the sky;
waiting to thwart your flight;
Snows cover the mountains;
making strange beards on her face.

Dark wings, dark words;
a proverb to the lost;
Deciphering every vile and sorrow;
where life can never be hollow.

A strange creature you are;
a strange message in your hands;
Dark chains on your neck;
wool strapped to your legs.

Kings beseech thee;
maidens crave your speech;
Castles anticipate your landing;
on her walls filled with magic.

The realm is all for thee;
even riders cant beat your speed;
Let your messages filter the lands;
let your wings dispatch great sounds.

Dark wings, dark words;
message for the wildlings behind walls.

Dark wings, dark words;
the crow beats them all.

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