Black Valentine

Poem By J.B. Baronda

Making love? Is it all I want? Do I really care for you?
These Questions are on my mind, passing through...
Kisses, Hugs and Roses.
Stuffed-dolls, chocolates and the voices...
Saying 'I Love You.'

It's been many years of 'I Love You',
Tears and laughs that together we've been through.
Thousand of kisses, hugs and wishes.
You know love is the reason why did I wrote this...

Black Valentine, No, Don't Approach me,
Let Mr.Cupid's arrow rip right through me.
Make this day as red as the roses,
Keep me away from broken-up promises!

Black Valentine, Black Valentine,
Never play with this heart of mine.
Let me be your soul mate, Let us blend.
Let the days of heart-break come to an end.

Flowers and chocolates could make you smile,
But would our love last for even a mile?
I could hear your voice and see your face,
But between us how come I feel a huge space?

Black Valentine, Black Valentine,
Even though you are always with me all the time,
I know that whatever I do, You can never be mine...

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