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Black Veil (Recommended)
RE (27 june 1992 / pakistan)

Black Veil (Recommended)

Poem By Ridah Ellahi

The fog has lifted,
The cold has bled.
I stand here to witness the carnage,
After the war has been lost,
With tears in my eyes,
That I cannot shed.
This black veil hides,
The endless screams, the agonized cries.
The many rays of light,
That had met their eclipse,
Now feast on the endless journey,
That had begun with this.
Oh, but fear not!
This veil shall continue to reign.
Will hide all the anguish,
Will strangle all the pain.
You, like the others too,
Will forget the reality.
Will fail to see the real hue.
That is the magic,
Of this black veil.
We all know it exists;
Know the treacherous illusions,
But at a point, we shall all fail.
However, it will continue,
To spread its’ wings.
Though aware of the hypocrisy,
We shall all join its’ symphony;
Along with its’ melody, we shall all sing.
This veil shall once again,
Cover our eyes.
Take over our senses,
Make us believe its’ lies.
I warn you now, oh friend,
Don’t let the black veil win.
Shine from behind your eclipse.
Don’t let your endless journey begin.

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Great poem 10/10, one of my favourites