Black Veins

I look at you,
and I'm just amazed.
That perfect smile,
is a perfect gaze.

A great facade,
it's perfectness,
white teeth,
everyone notices.

Those green eyes,
and piercings,
soft skin,
you look amazing

God damn girl....
You're goregous

but aw hell,
you know this.

But what I know.
Is that

You got black veins,
and it scares me,
you got black veins,
and secert enemies,
You got black veins,
it saps your energy,
you got black veins
and It's social entropy

What caught my eye,
What made me weird,
what made me laugh,
was that personaility.
The smart gibs
and different thoughts.
Every time we talked,
it was different,
I tried to make you laugh
just to show im confident.

But, Those black veins
are so sick
I swear to god, kid
it makes me nasueasious

you're better than that,
and you know this,
but when I say these words,
They don't mean shit.

I hate your black veins,
I hate your black veins,
I hate your black veins...

I hate your black veins,
their I said it,

They make me sick,
but you know this.

I hope you change,
You say you will,
I hope for the best
But I don't see you there.
but i've seen what's real.
And know the truth.

You want out,
That's what you told me,
And even though
I'll be lonely
I hope you leave,
and start anew.
A perfect life,
a good soul.
And when I see you again,
I hope you smile,
and embrace,
you melt when I see your face,
but when I look down
I just hope I don't see those

Black veins,
because they scare me,
Black veins,
made friends into enemies,
Black veins
took your energy,
But those black veins
ain't the end,
those black veins
they ain't my friend
those black veins
I just hope they won't be there.

by Jason Danner

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A nice poetic imagination, Jason. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks.
black is not black, though one may says so.