Black Velvet

Poem By Satan's Sibling

I am asleep,
or so I should be,
I lay in my bed,
My eyes closed,
In a false mockery of dreams.

I silently wish,
that my dream will come to life,
and the girl i admire,
will feel the same,
and show it.

I will it to be,
And yet it never is,
A lie of truth,
An imitation of what is to be,
Might holds no key.

I am starting to grow weary,
as I begin to let my dreams,
into my mind,
a sympethetic imaginary friend,
that would never lie to me.

At least it shoudln't,
As it is me,
another side of me,
another secret,
Lost in the ink of midnight.

So i sleep,
and dream of nothing,
yet everything,
of love and hate,
and of war and peace.

And i leave with one word of my life.


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