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Black, White & Colored

What if you’re white!
But live in same plight
What if you’re black!
Living life in an old gunnysack
What if I’m colored?
Sub-limed subdued, and disfigured

Yet, we’ll face the same menace all over
From the fire of hunger
The same frustrations at being have-nots
The same impotence in being scapegoat
The restless anger suppressed deep with in
Tasteless clothes on our hanger

On being abhorred by women of many
Have we not thought of similarity?
While living life with differences of many

You get a ruler
He gets a suited seducing, shallower
I get a leader
Wherever we might be
But aren’t we the same
Hell bent follower

O power looms in old citadel
You be awake
Empty stomach’s in flame
Holding red flag in hands
Are coming to break the ice of indifference
and to cut you into pieces as birth day cake

Anurag Tiwari

Copyright ©2003 Anurag Tiwari

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