EB (November 4,1949 / Roswell, New Mexico)

Black Widow

Black widow spider
patiently spins
her web so inviting
she bids you
come in.
She doesn’t
warn you
just asks you
to stay.
She doesn’t
tell you
that you won't
go away.
Unsuspecting victim
caught in her web.
Now, with her victim
the spider is fed.
Strange, how her habits
remind me of you.
Your ego inflated
while leaving me blue.

by Emma Beverage

Comments (2)

A fine ending to a well written poem. Good job. Very creative.
Oh this is catchy, punchy, and well-imaged writing, Emma. And the finish is so well-made. A very cleverly woven poem, Emma, (yes, pun rather deliberate, but more importantly, sincere) . Warm regards and a mark of 10 from Gina.