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Black Wind
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Black Wind

A black wind sneaks in after dusk
Sweeping through restless branches
Without even a second thought
It bends the bough
And swirls autumn leaves to and fro
Across an unraked yard
This black wind disturbs screeching cats
Awakens sleeping dogs who know not if to bark
Anything not anchored is blown away
Bringing a stinging bite if you wish to investigate
Or if you are forced to close that constant slamming gate
Wind chimes sing out of tune
Misbehavior of unknown voices
This black wind
Evil is its twin
A sleeping tornado its kin?
Plastic bags do an unchoreographed dance
So ghostly, common sense has gone awry
Who’s to shoulder the debris?
What pushes this dark madness?
What will silence the howling?
Valleys and canyons funnel its strength
Flags furl like stiff starched sheets
Darks clouds pulled along like confused sheep
Then like the last act of a plot less play
The curtain falls
And all we have is the calm before the storm

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