(November 2,1988 / Somewhere over the Rainbow)

Black Wings

Wings as black as midnight
=My misunderstood angel=
Tears running down his cheeks
=My sad angel=
Eyes red and raw with emotion
=My loving angel=
Clothes torn, covered with dirt
=My mistreated angel=
Down on his knees
=My poor angel=
Blood running down his arms
=My hurting angel=
Cursing every god he knows
=My angry angel=
Cutting away all his sin
=My bloody angel=
Bringing razor to skin
=I love him so much=
Over and over again
=My perfect fallen angel=
Turning his world red
=I can do nothing=
Slice afer slice
=But love him=
Washing away all impurity.

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Comments (8)

this poem is lovly love your angel and keep him safe
This poem is amazing.
well all u need to do is love him and stay by his side
this poem is so official love it
Angels are dual in nature and are great teachers.
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