To Lasso A Jackalope

To land a lasso on a jackalope
Is like being blindfolded
And trying to grab wet soap.

by Bruce Larkin

Comments (12)

Reminds me about my boyhood on the way home from primary school. We picked blackberries growing wild. Robert Murray Smith
I really enjoyed this poem. It reminded me of the many summers I spent taking my sons picking. Happy days, of course we could freeze them!
This is such a beautiful poem, even more rich and colourful when read by the writer himself but not by this cold, wretched computerise voice! I'd rather read it quietly, by myself, to myself please
Seamus heaney the great poet ever remembered through the beautiful poems pertaining the real man and his sufferings. I like this poem also. A nature and agriculture fields the them he made in this poem with such beauty.
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