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Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl my heart melts for you,
my heart aches and yearns to be
feeling yours beat with it
as I hold you close to reassure
and comfort you that you're the best,
all I want, and that you are worth it
because you are my Queen I so adore.
Beautiful girl I just want to
lay back here now with you
and give you all my love while spending time
now that we can enjoy the whole day
with my dental work done and no more running around.

Oh my beautiful girl how I need you more
and more as each day goes because
my love has never stopped and never will,
it continues to grow even deeper and more tender
with all the time that passes,
I want to be your eternal husband
sharing life and all our passions.
Kira girl you are amazing and my beautiful
best friend who I've been in love with
since times begginings.
I need you dear because I love you so
and I know there is no better than you
because you hold my heart and soul,
something I would only gift and give
to the one who truly rocks my world.

Oh my darling beautiful girl I am truly
aching, longing, and yearning so much for you.
I want you to not be mad at me
and feel resentment in any way,
I want you to know you deserve tons
and tons of endless undying love
and for you to not push me away,
I want to give all the unconditional love
I have to you everyday.
I want you to see just how beautiful you are
and how much you mean to me.
I love you sweetie and you are my everything
my sweet precious Angel Queen.
God bless you my hero and best friend
I will always adore you and be your biggest fan.

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