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Blackmail Traps You Inside Its Cage
(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Blackmail Traps You Inside Its Cage

Poem By Michael Fischer

Blackmail traps you inside its cage;
Your face is crimson with thundering rage.
You told your “friend” your greatest fears;
Fears you didn’t want others to hear.

Their tyranny oppresses you;
An uprising is long overdue.
“Enough’s enough, ” you say to yourself,
As you put your “friendship” on the shelf,

Hearsay spreads, like the bubonic plague,
as you struggle through your iron age.
You scratched their back, they stabbed yours;
Your vagrant honor’s a constant concern.

You’re two cold warriors with your guns drawn;
Afraid to make a move that’s wrong.
Your past is your iron trap,
but unrestraint, could be your death cap.

You both perceive the baleful red flags
and put a stopgap to your fighting.
You both agree to a verbal pact
and peacefully go your separate ways.

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Comments (2)

I really like your choice of words that you have used on this particular poem it definetly struck a chord with me as i have seen it all too many times i think you did quite well with this poem
Well done, Michael... you've got a talent for flair. No doubt, quality stuff! ! Brian