We all sat round the table
we were dressed in black
eating sanwhiches
the cans in my fidge
they were my only six pack
its strange to see that people change
but its even stranger
to see that a heart can remain the same
Decemeber snow turned to manchester rain
and i know sunshine doesnt last
but the summer felt like it never came.

Asleep under the roof of a happy house
Ive been over shadowed
entered into a nightmare
I just wanna shout
I wanna blame god
but he already knows that this is one dark cloud
and when he does what he does he has a reason why
but I cant help but think
that one too many times I have worn this black tie
I know we live a life where everybodys gotta die
but perhaps
she will be there to say hello as we say goodbye?

by Daniel McCann

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