MT (July / Kentucky)

Blade On My Arm, Tears On My Cheek

From start to finish
I am what people fail to see
Not a loner, or secluded
but what he wants me not to be

Esscape from the pain they cause
but to your face im acting fine
this blade to my arm is friendly
wisher wishing it wasnt mine

they say im stupid and crazy
but the blood takes my thoughts away
takes away lifes problems
and brings scars here to stay

its a reminder of the things ive been through
a habit hard to control
gives you back the pain
and me the happiness you stole

i know its bad and i need to stop
but i am not afraid
this blood continues to trickle down
because of this 3 inch blade

i sit in the dark
afraid to speak
blade to my arm
tears on my cheek

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That's so sad! but I love the way it was written. It flows so softly