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PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)


drift to the happy place,
far from heaven but still, not real
I love for the feeling
I have fallen a many
each love, left a scar
the touch of the devil,
only half to my loves and its peril
my footing a very unsteady,
so they knock me down to place
I search for the answer,
an unfindable cure
to save the man from the all,

drift to the happy place,
far from heaven but still, not real
I am a shell inside,
empty due to countless misery
my urge to love now left me,
the cure to all
is to forget the love,
never regret the fall,
stay clear of the devil's touch,
never search for the your one true love
stay inside, away from it all
create your home,
hidden deep within~behind the wall
always keeping others away
sleep the day, forever hidden
to cure the start of the other scar
reflect the light,
stay thin and never truely happy
scorn all laughter, the sign of life

they try all day
to lead you out,
of your happy place
deep within you hidden away
far from light, never day, always night
pull and scream they try at you
then da' true test, they cry
tears aflowing like the endless rivers
yet you stay away
safe within' your happy place
far from heaven but still, not real

what did they expect of me
fairy tales and the sun ashinin'?
we always hide the true feeling inside,
kills us slow, long and deep
the hole inside,
so like an animal we hide away
sheltered from the devil's scorn,
one is the safest number,
hide away from the light
the pain of change, the power of light
decifer the code,
the lifeless heart, sweaty and cold
dripping blood,
the faucet
we feel the hole,
left inside,
gaping wide, truely deep
way inside,
the only way to really fill it,
is cover it up then forget it
hide somewhere far away,

I know the perfect place
drift to the happy place,
far from heaven but still, not real
heard of God?
the endless suffering, the true devil?
we find them only in end, not the light
so why wait?
drift to your happy place.....
the devil awaits the true stail mate
locked forever in your lonely place
time is not a factor, never new the slate
familiarity comes natural to the,
unable to erase the concrete case
so you're stuck between the choice of harm
or forever lost in the your true happy place,
we sing for sanity,
but live for pain...

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