Who Cares, Just Make It Quick

Sometimes I do feel so suicidal
Can't see any point in carrying on
I know it's all but emotional
But I'd like to fly away and be gone

It's not about cash or monetary
I've never been motivated by that
I just feel tired and o' so weary
Like I've no purpose in this habitat

For it's my children who keep me going
Many funerals they've already seen
I would hate to cause them more suffering
To see them in grief I would not be keen

To me concepts of death are not scary
For of this I certainly do not fear
Though I wouldn't like to die painfully
Maybe go to sleep and then disappear

I know many people do have cancer
Or are dying from a fatal disease
Who read these words and think I'm a whinger
And so curse me for not being happy

Could it be boredom or loneliness
That is leading my mind so far astray
In my life I have been spoiled, I confess
Had all I wanted in every way

Anyway, now my prostate is finished
And my clock does tick down everyday
Soon this body to be extinguished
Maybe it'll complete the job for me

by John Fenton Mcleish

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