Blocked Nose

Ordinarily I would have heard the sound humming several kilometers away; with my lobes flapping lazily in temperate cocoons of air,
But today I snored thunderously expending my lungs to the most unprecedented capacity; even when a battalion of savage panthers roared menacingly into my ears.

Ordinarily I would have smelt food even when in the heart of deep sleep; insatiably drawn towards it like bolts of white lightening plummeting down from the sky,
But today I presumed it to be slabs of ghoulish stone; infinite daggers ready to permeate my skin; as I trespassed past it with tears of exasperation flooding my eyes.

Ordinarily I would have forgiven hordes of pertinent children fiddling around me; entirely overlooking their flurry of innocuously mischievous gestures; as they naughtily plucked my hair,
But today I ran with a broomstick in my hands; shooing them away to the most fathomless limits as they cast the most evanescent of shadow into my sacred

Ordinarily I would have waited for times immemorial to hear the voice of the nightingale; blissfully inhaling mountainfulls of mesmerizing air into the voluptuous
jacket of my lungs,
But today I beat my fists left; right and center; almost fractured my palms into countless pieces; waiting in frantic desperation for the bird to arrive.

Ordinarily I would have drifted into a land of insurmountably tantalizing fantasy as I philandered freely in a garden of seductive roses; nimbly caressing the ravishing festoon of crimson petals,
But today I ruthlessly ripped the shrub from its tiniest of root; stashed it uncouthly into the realms of the dilapidated dustbin; for making me deafeningly sneeze.

Ordinarily I would have profoundly engrossed myself into the beauty of the brilliantly dazzling Sun; relentlessly admiring the infinite myriad of its sweltering beams; which magnificently sizzled the gloomy planet,
But today I ran maniacally into the cloistered room; miserably shoved my head under the flimsy blanket; encapsulated my entire caricature with straw; from the most inconspicuous rays of the outside world.

Ordinarily I would have taken inexorably meticulous care in sorting out the coat of grey; scattered frugally on the trajectory of my leaning scalp,
But today I made myself gruesomely bald; tearing apart the exotic follicles in a single stretch like an insane lunatic; slithering in the corridors of hopeless captivity.

Ordinarily I would have obediently followed each of my boss's commands; stooping humbly in front of his domineering demeanor; enticing him in giving me a robust increment,
But today I kicked him satanically in his backside for not catering to my needs; hurtled the colossal sheaf of papers right into the white's of his eye; along with the stale cup of coffee he stingily fed me for refreshment.

Ordinarily I would have desired that life continued till times unsurpassable; with each minute unveiling into blissful shades of tranquilly placid existence,
But today I wanted to sky rocket to my last day of survival; completely disappear for eternity into traces of cold air; rather than blowing my nose raw; expelling a slurry of alien matter in astronomical tons by the unfurling second; bearing inevitably
with the tyranny of a blocked nose.

by Nikhil Parekh

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Wow another great one i can relate to this 10+++
Typo in third stanza's fourth line? I believe you mean 'going'. I hope you can forgive yourself. Not for the typo, for that is insignificant, but for the pain you have inside for what you have gone through. The first step in forgiving anyone is forgiving yourself.