Poem By Grant Howard Bunce

I have before me a blank sheet....What will I write?

A short story for the children to help them sleep at night?

Or write about Phoebe my magnificent cat, who gladly eats my biscuits, but doesn't want to sit on my lap!
There are Daisy and Alfie my faithful Yorkie friends, with personalities like chalk and cheese, and barking that never ends.
I could tell you about my house, plain red bricks sat beside the trees, and the garden long and colourful full of insects, birds & bees.

Maybe that's too boring for you and you probably want a story, about cops and robbers, or something else unsuitable and gory.

Still i have this blank paper with absolutely nothing to write, I have a funny feeling it may still be blank tonight!

GH Bunce ©2016

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Man judges man, tells him his poem is not very good.
Says it disappoints him, look at me I'm really good!

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