Blank Pages

Worrisome proves one's life these days,
the pocket's heft, each bill that's late paid;
subconscious rue; what is life worth,
unknowns aside, we're just profit's aides;
thought's remix, all life's pros and cons,
controls suspend, who rules these charades;
disturb mind's mean, these conscious trends,
living thinned, in an instant remade.

Personal, and with (privates) speak,
through idea and ideal's occults;
reality's din, blares out thoughts,
(evasively) seeped of ‘crazed' result;
unstable hopes and wicked schemes,
evils thrive, its minions hurl insults;
stripes pare man's flesh, (erase) one's dreams,
plans made (recede) , upon time's faucalt.

Confusing now, the masses claw,
for life's lone thread, and pray not to fall;
future's questioned, will fate break through,
domination curses, time's laugh scolds;
certain (numbers) , are digit fiends,
over callus pricks, wield handheld awls;
rise towards which mountains, drink what thrills,
humankind earned, nothing but hate's scrawl.

Towards whose ends, is one's lifetime played,
while evil's cruel stench, assails all souls;
each sense, the nerve, all sacrilege,
living's roots remiss, of faith's recall;
individuals, refute God,
realms above, reject thought's wherewithal's,
demise of (graciousness) , our trust abhors,
rot and suffering; each human's thrall.

Reflection's nuance, in evil's ayes,
away from them turn; ‘their' mindset shun,
mirror in conscious, your heart's truth,
within your lifetime's moments passions;
overall else, spurn wickedness,
humankind's blithe eschewed commotions;
society's gasps, love survives,
core issue bared, life means (trust) emotions.

Choices, sway each person's (true) worth,
you're understanding, it's spite's remix;
decision's snap, turns mind's directs,
ideal's ounce weighted, your Id resists;
define one's (touch) , its thought's mental,
establish for life, (judgment's) (twists):
character, blends towards these (mindsets,)
self or else; your life or putrid cyst.

Self-worth, therefore is one blank page,
unknowingly tense, when life's upstaged;
demands of itself, one's lifetime turned,
forgetting self's (values) through life's rage;
constant attentions, needs ends meet,
unforgiving thoughts pause, minds engaged;
effort wasted, towards conscious ends,
life spills; of its flow be so afraid.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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