Blanket Of Tears

Poem By Triauna Hall

I got a blanket of tears lying right on my bed
That's exactly where it lays where my tears were shed
I lay my head on my pillow and that's when I cry
My heart is in the cushion as my feelings begin to die
I got a blanket full of tears lying right on my bed
The salty water lying there, right by my head
I lay my blanket over me as my bed gets cold
I wrap my arms around my teddy bear; it lies tight in my hold
I got a blanket of tears lying right on my bed
My bed starves all day; it can't wait to be fed
I just stare at the ceiling with a lot on my mind
My thoughts play over and over, I can't press rewind
I got a blanket full of tears lying right on my bed
It's always going to stay there, nothing else is said
But my blanket is special; I'll never throw it away
I got a blanket of tears on my bed and that's where it will stay

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