Blaq Poetess

Blaq Poetess

I write and recite.
My future I decide.
My words I maintain.

Dark skinned woman
Hardly recognized -
Always undermined.

"A blaq Poetess
You are just a little girl
What is it that you know that the Terrene do not know? "

I speak unspoken words.
I reveal forsaken truth
Yes! I am a liar
Yet! Truth I always tell.

I have pride.
Behind the shadows ofPoet-tree I hide.

For the words of my forefathers were left untold.
Their dreams were shattered.

And here I am to stay
Let not your heart be troubled
For I am here to fight
For me... For you.... For us.

I wasn't there to witness their pain,
To read their minds,
To listen to their poetic rhythms, sounds and their heartbeats.

.......On my mind
They left a stain of knowledge.
In my heart...
They left words that were never spoken.
For me to speak... And be heard....

Yet! Today
You are wise enough to mock the blaq knowledge...

One day
You'll cry,
Anticipate to hearthe silenced voice of a blaq poetess.

I will laugh when you are in trouble.
I will recite for you..... mocking poems
When knowledge finally knocks you down.

When calamity overtakes you like a storm.
I will be just beside you with a smile on my face
Reciting poems of a blaq child.

Blaq poetess
Whose words are ambushed to the pit of death.
Whose words are easily swallowed down to the grave.
You have a voice of power to bury my words before my eyes.

You pretend not to hear my voice,
My plea for peace.
You pretend to be blindfolded.
You undermine my way of thinking
Yet! You are just simple-minded.

Know! /
Under the shade of poet-tree
I grow to grow.
Because I am a Queen - To my throne I shall always reign.

I am a blaq Poetess.
I am a Word Smyth.

by Kwenadi Thobejane

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Allow me to take this time and thank you all for supporting me... I appreciate it a lot..
dark Skin lady doing things
“I speak unspoken words“.. I think i have a star💓
Love your work
Thank you so much Jazib. will surely read them
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