AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Blazer Of Blades

accept all the pain, ready to surf the horizon of infinity
of life, always on the go, forward of what will be the best
to come, just be strong of whom you believe, who you are
is all in you in the aspect of life

it’s the steps that you walk will brings your limit, its your
stamina that tells you what to do, be wise and mighty for
each day is the arena of reality, for in every move is a
judgments to see

as we go we fall as you fall we grow, that’s what we
created for, the life you always live is the life we always
give it is, in exploring within us that you learn the
pathways to what you will become to be, life has no
blueprint, we are almost at the end, where another
beginning is to start

always looks the past for in every memory it takes is
a step that guides you to reach the future, it is not the
steps that matter in your way it’s the will to do, whether
you have fall down many times or you achieved your goal

the best of yours of doing is the best you can offered to
God who lifted you high, it is here that knowing the
meaning of what is life everlasting is then the true essence
of your existence

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A great poem with great meaning! Simply awesome!
pagkalalom gayod sa imong balak... sus og napari pa, na daghan jod nga chicks ang nahimong inaan.. fight pare...sulat jud... in vino balak pamakak..ha ha ha joke lang pre.. musta na ka? wa man ka mohapit sa akong bday?