Running through my mind, your shoes streaming in the sunlight.
One step,
two steps,
Increasing in pace,
increasing in intensity,
increasing in recognition.
a crowded room and no one hears.
A haunting melody woven within desperation.
Wrap my fingers through your
ghost hands.
A mirage of what was there.
You’re still
An unreliable pace.
One I can barely keep up.
Our glam youth shadowed in light.
Why do you run?
In the opposite direction yet
so close to me?
Our colors gently fading as they’re bleached
by the sunlight,
pouring in,
focusing it’s beams and startling the current between us.
The lacey veil distracts and
creating chaos in beauty,
Creating acceptable rebellion,
creating you and me.
The lights in my eyes
hanging by a thread,
to be snipped at
any hour,
any minute,
any second,


by Jordan Griffiths

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