IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Bleak Outlook; For Some.

I did not think things could get worse.
But I was wrong quite obviously
The guardians of the public purse.
Decided unilaterally.

We must reduce expenditure
I have no choice but to agree.
Though I am absolutely sure
all will not suffer equally.

The savage cuts which they propose
may well reduce the deficit.
I see no reason to suppose
that everyone will benefit.

The rich of course won’t feel the chill.
The little man will have to pay.
He always did and always will.
Because that is the Tory way.

It is their mission to conserve
the privilege which they enjoy
By any means which will serve
and any means they can employ.

Perhaps I have a biased view.
.Maybe I am too cynical.
Though I believe my words are true.
I could be wrong it’s possible.

That they are acting for the best.
A dangerous experiment.
Which when they put it to the test.
Might just succeed by accident.

Then they will claim all credit due.
But if it fails they will deny
as politicians always do
They had no choice; they had to try.

Though you may take a different view.
Not everybody will agree
What you conclude is up to you.
I think we’ll have to wait and see.

I do not think this government
Will last.The strains are showing now.
The general public discontent.
How long before their final bow.

The rich cannot impose their will
As they have always done before.
Why should the poorest foot the bill
A question that they can’t ignore.

Although I’m sure that they will try.
By quoting massaged statistics.
Which I for one choose not to buy.
I can see through their dirty tricks.

Thursday,21 October 2010
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