DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

Bleating Beauties

"Come and have a nap
on my smooth and polished lap.";
a luscious lass,
call on work men as they pass.

"Oh! What makes so sweet a charming voice?
That draws a man to such cherished choice;
Many men wondered on their way,
as their eyes drifted from the crystal ray.

"just a stop-by at my nest,
to ease your stress and relish some rest";
She persuaded in her teasing tone,
like a baby all left alone.

"what shall I pay for your care?
For you are fair, delicate and rare";
A man stepped out of the field,
in an hasty lust to yield.

"just three things for all of me,
And you shall have all pleasures that be";
She entreated him at her compound,
that blossom with pleasantries, so profound.

"Ha! How I long to have you in haste,
what shall I pay? My pulse can't wait";
His eyes were wild as they stared,
at her breast, that's beauty smeared.

"The leading lamp in your hand,
And your sacred staff of command";
She craved in a comely countenance,
that dissolves a man's resistance.

"Take the staff and keep the lamp.
All I crave is just a nap";
He wandered into her watery eyes,
and slowly staggered down her tempting thighs.

"Also the glowing halo round your head,
That serves honor to your kindred";
The words shy out of her subtle lips,
alluring like a perfume made from cowslips.

"Take it too, it's of no use.
It is your caring company that I chose';
His eyes rolled down her stainless skin,
as his urge became wild and keen.

"Then come in and dine with pleasure.
And I shall offer all you crave without measure";
She led him into her nest- so deep,
and he soon fell into an eternal sleep.


So a winged being appeared to rest,
Divinely crowned with a lightening crest:
"Do not fear,
I'm not to scare".

They all cowered to hide their faces-
all they saw was his lightening traces.
"Speak and be gone in haste,
ere your lightening leads our eyes to waste".

"Be not beguiled by bleating beauties,
for many glories have been parted to pieces.
He who glues his gaze atop,
must not slug, slumber nor stop.

Fasten your focus on your crystal ray,
do not drift nor stride astray.
Press with purpose to reach the mark,
where eternal pleasures shall be your stock.

I shall come again", he vowed;
As he ascended with a cloud.
They all stared on helplessly,
as the clouds changed on endlessly.

So they took their staffs and lamps,
and betrayed their resting camps.
Though the route seems so long,
they all marched out in a joyful song:

"I shall press to reach the mark,
be it dawn, dusk or dark.
I shall fight hard and not faint,
like a patriot pilgrim saint".

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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