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LTD (1/24/1992 / Cortez)


Poem By live to die

Bleed for what
Bleed to know your alive
Bleed to feel pain
Bleed so you don’t feel pain
from the others
Suffering, Crying
Knowing that your life
Is not worth living so
You cut hoping to bleed to die
Taking risks nothing you’d ever do
Just to bleed to get away from
The pain you felling inside
Changing yourself so no one
Will recognize you so they can’t
See your pain
Watching them pass
Like nothings wrong
So you bleed to know
The pain is fading away

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Comments (8)

This is one of the best poems I've ever read son...
wow.... i love this poem so much.... well done....
crimson red a color that shows well whenever pain is near please change that color so you don't feel anymore pain hear me out for i want to hear you out
Dude so deep. i felt like this sometimes. Like just to quit and just bleed...extraordinary poem **H3artBrok3n**
its very sad but very well written. good job.