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Bleed My Pride
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Bleed My Pride

It’s pretty clear now
How you love to see me cry
By the way you always find
A way to bleed my pride
I see you just can’t stand
To see me be myself
Coz doesn’t it please your mind
To see me live in hell
You always think you’ve got
A point of your own to prove
You never even care what I think
Or what I might want to do
Well to let you know
Now I really don’t care
I’m way past being concerned
It’s really much too late
And I can’t love you anymore
I can’t even pretend
That I’m happy to be around you
So it’s got to be the end
Before you make my tears run dry
Before you make me weak inside
Before you find more reasons
To try and bleed my pride

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